Progress on our Hampshire Landscape Design Project

Progress on our Hampshire Landscape Design Project


There’s been a lot of progress on our landscape design project in Hampshire since I last wrote about it.  It’s great to be able to share some of that here so that you can see all of the groundwork, literally, that goes into realising a project like this!

Previously the site had been cleared, and as well as the top soil being scraped away for later, the sub soil was then removed into another heap for re-use later.  Clearing the site like this was crucial so that the retaining walls for the new terraced site could be constructed properly and in a tidy environment, and without damaging the site and its soil:

landscape design hampshire site

Huge piles of earth also provide a fantastic (although temporary) vantage point from which the whole site can be viewed!

landscape design hampshire stephen dick

With the site clear the footings for the retaining walls are dug and poured:

landscape design hampshire footing

The retaining walls are then built up from the footings with structural block work.  This type of construction was necessary for strength, but it also allowed us the opportunity to use proper knapped flint to face the walls (rather than preformed blocks) – more of which later.  With the block work taking shape and the chalk spread we get a feel for the site and its new levels for the first time, and it’s wonderful to see and experience the transformation:

landscape design hampshire wall 3

The sub soil is then spread back over the site to settle, leaving the top soil for later.  The areas left are for the steps and also the beds in front of the flint walls – these will be much deeper in just top soil for the benefit of all the plants that will go there.  The area is also kept clear for the bricklayers who are coming in next.

landscape design hampshire wall 1

This is a nice view of the top wall and its return at the left hand side of the site, where there will be growing beds alongside the main garden.  It’s a view I’ll return to in the next update when it has been clad with brick:

landscape design hampshire wall 2

And from near the house we get to see the terraces again, and although we’re just looking at block work, it’s a great sight, and makes us very excited about the next steps in the project.

landscape design hampshire wall 4

Over at the edge of the site we’ve been checking the proportions and clearances for the new outbuilding:

landscape design hampshire outbuilding 1

This side of the garden is then covered with scalpings in preparation for the paths and for the base to be cast.  Dimensions are checked again and sprayed out…

landscape design hampshire outbuilding 3

…and the area for the base is shuttered ready for the concrete to be poured:

landscape design hampshire outbuilding 4

The next stage is the bricklayers coming in, and that’s very exciting as it’s the first time we’ll see final finishes going into the garden.  Another update will be along very soon…


UPDATE: Landscape Design Materials – Selection and Installation




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