Design Approach & Philosophy

How do we approach an Interior Design project?

Great design isn’t about trends – it’s about understanding you and your life, your property and where you live.


The design of your home is about you, although the influence of the actual property and being sympathetic to where you live influences our work.  Considering these factors enables us to design interiors which feel just right.  They fit with you and your surroundings.  They feel effortless and timeless.

Our design for a client in a contemporary apartment in London would be different to a design for the same client in a period townhouse in Surrey, and different again if they lived in a country home in Hampshire.

Bringing all these together – the client, the property, and its wider context – is crucial.

Understanding you

The more we understand about your life, the more appropriate and unique we can make your home.  We’re interested in anything that could have an impact on your property your lifestyle and habits; your work and leisure time; when and how you’re going to use the property and so on.

We’ve designed for individuals, couples and families, and for clients from their twenties to their sixties.  There are common influences with different types of clients, but we never assume or generalise.  Everyone we work with is very different, and that’s what makes it interesting!

Hamble Hampshire horsehair wall panelling lighting

For many people, we’re designing the interiors of their main home.  For some clients it might be a second home or a pied-a-terre, or even a property abroad which is only used from time-to-time.

These are the important factors of your life, and they’ll all have a vital influence on your design.

Considering your property

Your home itself – the property in which you live or that you’re building – is the envelope which contains the interior.  The architecture of the building will influence the design inside – it’s layout and arrangement as well as it’s style.

A contemporary new-build property will feel quite different to a period property, and the design of the interior should consider this.  It can still contrast with the property, but it should somehow reference it if the interior is to feel like it belongs in the property.

Hallway Parquet Design in Knightsbridge Kensington London

The arrangement of the property can also have a great effect on its layout and function.

In most apartments everything is often on one horizontal level, whereas for a London townhouse over four or five storeys, rooms could be arranged quite differently!

Thinking about where you live

Timber Worktops in Modern Country Kitchen Hampshire

In the broadest sense, it could be the difference between designing for a client in town or country.

The atmosphere of our surroundings and the context of our location affects how we live, and that’s something that can influence the inside of our homes too.

Some aspects of your home’s location can have a direct bearing on the interior.  We’ve designed interiors for many riverside properties in London, as well as waterfront properties and homes with expansive views in Surrey and Hampshire.

This can affect how the property is used and how it’s arranged, its light and its views.  For every property, we make the most of the location and what it can offer when it’s experienced from the inside.

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