Design presentations and the interior design of… cars!

Design presentations and the interior design of… cars!

We’re producing design presentations for our interiors projects all the time, so it’s wonderful to see similar design presentations from other industries.

I loved seeing the presentation and specification room for Aston Martin’s ultra-exclusive Valkyrie project in the press last week.  No, I wasn’t there specifying my own!

aston martin design showroom interior

Here you can see the options that buyers can choose from.  Paint for the exterior bodywork; thread colours for the stitching of the interior; and so on.

aston martin thread stitching colours aston martin paint colours samples

The finishes can then be brought together and played around with to develop the look and feel of the finished vehicle.

aston martin colour combinations samples aston martin design presentation boards

It’s not that different to the design process we follow.  We rarely produce mood boards that are all stuck down and immovable.  Instead we lay out our proposed fittings and finishes for our clients, but they’re loose, so that we can play around, develop the design schemes and experiment together.  It’s a really fun part of the process that clients love, and I’ll post some examples soon alongside the finished projects so that you can see them.

And back to Aston Martin… it might not be the most practical garage floor, but I think the geometric timber parquet is just stunning!

aston martin parquet flooring design

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