Presenting fabrics and finishes for our interior design projects

Presenting fabrics and finishes for our interior design projects

I recently wrote about the design presentations for cars at Aston Martin, and the similarities to our interior design presentations.

When we present to our clients we often lay out our proposed fabrics, finishes and materials on a tray for them to review.  There’ll be a separate tray for the design of each room or area of the interior.  We rarely produce mood boards that are all stuck down and immovable because, well, where’s the fun in that?

Here are a couple of examples from a recent design project in Hampshire, which I’ve labelled so that you can see what’s what.

This is the scheme in development for the kitchen:

hampshire kitchen design finishes sample board


The completed room shows these finishes and colours providing a light, airy, and carefully-detailed kitchen design:

Hamble Hampshire timber kitchen design


Here’s the selection of finishes and fabrics proposed for the reception and study areas:

hampshire reception room finishes sample board


The finished sitting room is a smart and elegant area for socialising while enjoying the view over the Hamble waterfront:

Hamble Hampshire luxury interior design


The study is zoned by its backdrop of upholstered panels in traditional horsehair fabric, with the study lighting through the centre of the top panels:

Hamble Hampshire horsehair wall panelling lighting


By laying the finishes out like this we can play around, develop the design schemes and experiment together… and of course touch and feel all of the materials.  This is always a fun part of the work, and I hope this has given you an insight into another part of the design process.


You can see all of this project in our portfolio here: A new open-plan living space design in Hamble, Hampshire



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