A new interior design project at London’s Imperial Wharf

A new interior design project at London's Imperial Wharf

The variety of our interior design projects is one of the things that makes the work so interesting and rewarding for us.  Every client is different, as are their properties, their individual styles, and the areas where they live.  And as you can see from our interior design portfolio, the finished results are all different too.

They all start with the same process though – the survey.  This week we started a new project at London’s Imperial Wharf in Chelsea, where a riverside apartment will be fully refurbished and updated.  Its basic and tired interior will be transformed into a stunning luxury home over the next few months, but first it needs to be measured up!

interior design imperial wharf chelsea london

The survey is such a critical stage of the project and it must be done with great accuracy.  This is the basis for all of our design work on the interior, and during the design process it’s the foundation not just for the layouts, but also for the building works, services, and the detailed fittings and bespoke joinery that we’ll be designing.

Our client is looking to complete the works as soon as possible and so we’ll be applying for permission and the licence to alter as soon as possible.  I’ll update you on the project as it progresses.

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