I’m a BIID Registered Interior Designer

I'm a BIID Registered Interior Designer

I’m delighted to share with you that the British Institute of Interior Design in London has launched the use of a new, protected title for interior designers who meet their rigorous standards.  This new title is BIID Registered Interior Designer®, and I’m proud to be able to use it.

Alongside BIID membership, the new title is a way for clients, designers and other built environment professionals to identify interior designers who have been vetted by the BIID membership panel and meet and maintain their high professional standards.

In the words of the BIID:

“At the BIID, we believe that Interior Designer is the best descriptor for the complex mix of knowledge, skills and experience required to design interior space, which of course includes extensive knowledge of interior architecture and interior decoration.”

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Find out more about using a BIID Registered Interior Designer and how this will add value to your interior design project – give me a call on 07976 723 425 or email hello@residenceinteriordesign.com




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