Our Interior Design Philosophy

We believe in style and elegance rather than fashion; design with longevity and integrity; design that’s future-proof because it’s true to who you are; interiors that are enjoyable, useable and, above all, wonderful.

We’re passionate about spaces which feel right, and you don’t have to know the art and science of why. We design spaces which flow beautifully; spaces that feel like home, but which can also bring home something of that hotel escapism we all enjoy. We like spaces to achieve the perfect balance of form and function; spaces which speak to you in the way that they feel, sound and smell – not just because of what they look like.

And we love materials which reveal themselves – the way a texture feels, the way light catches or shows something more, something unexpected. We use materials that the eye is drawn to, that your hand wants to touch. It’s all about the delight you feel each time you fall into a special chair; the timeless beauty of materials which improve with age – things which wear in rather than wear out, and the patina that tells a story all of its own.

We adore furniture which is exquisite in detail, made from beautiful materials used in smart, innovative or even traditional ways but which lets the fabric and craftsmanship speak for themselves; forms of apparent simplicity which belie the ingenuity of the solution; shapes of sophisticated elegance with perfect proportions.

Inspiration finds us fascinated by Corbusier’s architectural shapes, forms and functionality; Mark Newson’s use of colour and play with simple, organic forms; John Lauter’s Bond-esque glamour and exotic interior landscapes; Philippe Starck’s wit and difference; or simply the craft and attention to detail of the type of traditional high-quality workmanship and techniques which are becoming increasingly rare these days.



You can also read our new and updated page on our interior design approach and philosophy.